In a significant development, Ampowr BV and Strukton Power BV have signed a strategic partnership to chart a new course in the energy sector. The partnership aims to collaborate on the creation of an innovative, commercial, and industrial-scale charging infrastructure, marking a major step forward in the industry.

This groundbreaking alliance brings together the formidable expertise of both companies, setting the stage for the development of a versatile charging infrastructure. The primary goal of this initiative is not only to meet the battery energy storage needs of a diverse range of end-users but also to contribute to the power grid. The benefits are anticipated to be far-reaching, from environmental sustainability to enhancing the reliability and efficiency of energy.

This partnership is an exciting step forward in our shared mission of powering the future. We are eager to make a significant contribution to the field of energy innovation and take active steps towards shaping a more sustainable future.

Image: Frank Schoenmaker (CEO, Strukton Power BV), Andy Elwell (Director Ampowr BV)   |

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