Roompot Callantsoog is a prime holiday destination nestled along the beautiful coast of the Netherlands. Renowned for offering guests an exquisite retreat, the park recognized the need to advance its energy management systems to maintain an uninterrupted power supply during peak hours and embrace sustainability. This case study explores how the integration of the AmpiFARM 10ft Battery Energy Storage System solves grid congestion related issues for Roompot.

System AmpiFARM
Type of System Smart Energy Storage System
Location Roompot Callantsoog, Netherlands
Application Context Energy demand management and sustainability initiative
System Connection Facility & Grid
System Function Peak shaving
System Capacity 425kWh
System size 10ft
Battery type NCPB – Nano Crystal Batteries™
Power Conditioning System 200kW
EMS Ampowr Cosmos
Energy Monitoring Features Integrated
Energy Management Features Integrated

Roompot Callantsoog faced two primary challenges:

  1. Variable Energy Demand: The holiday park experienced significant fluctuations in energy usage, peaking during holiday seasons when guest occupancy surged. This variability presented a complex challenge in grid capacity.
  2. Grid Congestion: The local energy grid was subject to congestion, particularly during peak periods, leading to high energy surcharges. These charges represented a substantial and unpredictable operational cost.

In response to these challenges, Roompot Callantsoog implemented the AmpiFARM 10ft Battery Energy Storage System. This system was designed to store energy during off-peak hours, when tariffs were lower, and discharge during peak times to provide a stable and cost-effective energy supply.

The deployment of the AmpiFARM system had several significant outcomes:

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: The system guaranteed a consistent power supply during peak usage times, thereby enhancing guest satisfaction.
  • Energy Cost Reduction: By reducing reliance on the grid during peak times, the holiday park minimized exposure to high energy tariffs.
  • Operational Efficiency: Intelligent energy storage and distribution led to more effective use of resources and operational cost savings.
  • Sustainability: The integration of the AmpiFARM system lowered the site’s carbon emissions, aligning with Roompot Callantsoog’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The strategic integration of the AmpiFARM 10ft Battery Energy Storage System at Roompot Callantsoog stands as a testament to innovative energy management in the hospitality industry. Roompot Callantsoog has not only addressed its immediate energy management challenges but has also positioned itself as a leader in sustainable tourism practices.

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