Energy storage is becoming increasingly important in the transition to a fully sustainable and clean energy supply. While sustainable energy production offers many advantages, it is unpredictable, and generation peak times can strain the grid if its capacity is too limited. The combination of sustainable energy production and a battery is a solution.

Solar Farm and Energy Production

For large solar farms, more industrial-scale panels might be used, which are often larger and can produce more power, commonly around 400-500 watts per panel. For a large 100 MW solar farm, for example, you could expect to need 200,000 to 250,000 solar panels (if using 400-500 watt panels). A 100 MW solar farm could produce around 3500 kWh annually, which could power about 60,600 households. These large amounts of energy cannot always directly be returned to the grid or used for other purposes. This is where a Battery Energy Storage System is critical to take full control of the generated energy.

A Battery Energy Storage System acts as an intelligent intermediary, serving as a gateway to effectively manage and optimize the surplus energy. By storing this excess energy in high-capacity batteries, the BESS ensures that it is readily available when needed, avoiding wastage and minimizing any loss in the process.

The Benefits of Energy Storage System

Integrating a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with solar installations offers three key advantages: managing grid connection capacity, optimizing exports to the grid during financially optimal moments, and enhancing system reliability. A BESS ensures that solar energy generated stays within grid limits, avoiding waste and maximizing efficiency. It also enables the strategic export of stored energy when electricity prices are high, boosting financial returns while providing a reliable power supply during grid outages or periods of low solar generation.

By incorporating a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Cosmos EMS into a solar park, significant benefits can be realized. The BESS provides backup power during periods of low solar generation or grid outages, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing dependence on the grid. With Cosmos EMS, the park gains advanced monitoring and control capabilities, allowing for real-time optimization of energy generation, consumption, and storage. This enables intelligent decision-making, load balancing, and peak-shaving strategies to maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs. The integration of these technologies empowers the solar production park to achieve greater energy independence, and cost savings, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Furthermore, Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy, Rob Jetten, has introduced a Climate Package, which implements a new requirement for installing battery energy storage systems at solar parks. This strategy is designed to address the ongoing issue of power grid overload.

Benefits of Cosmos Software

Ampowr Cosmos software has several significant benefits when used in conjunction with a solar farm and energy storage system:

1. Efficient Energy Management and Cost Reduction

Ampowr Cosmos uses sophisticated algorithms for Energy Dispatch and Discharging, enabling peak load-shifting to minimize costs by optimizing energy usage. Our Autonomous Steering and Controls adapt to your energy needs, incorporating schedule-based control strategies to ensure efficient and economical energy usage. Ampowr Cosmos is also capable of avoiding curtailment, further enhancing cost efficiency.

2. Solving Grid Congestion and Enhancing Resiliency

Ampowr Cosmos excels in Grid Integration and Balancing, effectively addressing grid congestion issues through precise frequency regulation. We provide Grid Resiliency and Backup Power, ensuring that your energy source remains dependable during grid disruptions or power outages. Ampowr Cosmos can activate backup power to ensure uninterrupted energy provision.

3. Accelerating the Move to Net-Zero

Aiming for a net-zero carbon footprint? Ampowr Cosmos enables better management of energy consumption and production by leveraging Energy Forecasting and Optimization. Our system can connect other renewable assets to increase your energy efficiency further, assisting you in reducing your carbon footprint and progressing towards a net-zero goal.

4. Unlocking Revenue Streams and trading possibilities

Ampowr Cosmos is not just about cost savings – it’s a tool for revenue generation. Through Energy Trading, Ampowr Cosmos transforms your renewable energy assets into new income streams. Our advanced asset management capabilities maximize your investment return, while real-time alerts ensure you remain updated on trading opportunities.

5. Comprehensive Monitoring, Control, and Reporting

Complete oversight of your energy operations from anywhere, at any time. Our Remote Monitoring and Control features provide real-time global oversight, while our visualization and reporting capabilities generate detailed insights into your energy usage and costs. Ampowr Cosmos also provides an audit trail, simplifying billing and identifying further optimization opportunities.

6. Ensuring Energy Security and Continuity

Confidence in your energy supply is paramount. Ampowr Cosmos guarantees this by maintaining grid resiliency and providing backup power during potential disruptions. Our battery management insight ensures optimal performance of your storage solutions, thus ensuring continuous power supply, and helping you achieve superior energy security and continuity.

In conclusion, a business case integrating a solar farm with an energy storage system managed by Ampowr’s Cosmos software signifies an innovative and profitable approach to renewable energy. By intelligently managing energy consumption, Ampowr can create new income streams while reducing overall energy costs. This approach contributes significantly to the broader energy transition by promoting renewable energy use, enhancing grid stability, and facilitating energy trading.

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