Telesuper Coop becomes first net-zero distribution center in The Netherlands using AmpiFARM™ – Smart Energy Storage System

As we experience increased energy costs, grid congestion, and energy insecurity, the need for energy storage systems is exponentially increasing. Ampowr has installed The Netherlands’ first 1.32MWh AmpiFARM™ (Smart Energy Storage System), powering the entire distribution and cold storage center of grocery store retailer Coop Supermarkten.

The Smart Energy Storage System works in combination with the grid and 2,700 solar panels. The system’s power is equivalent to the daily energy consumption of 500 households.

Technical parameters

Location Almere, The Netherlands
Application context Commercial building, distribution, and cold storage center
System Installed AmpiFARM™ (Smart Energy Storage System)
System in use since January 2022
System AmpiFARM™
Type of System Smart Energy Storage System
System Capacity 1.32MWh Storage
Size of System 40ft (12m)
System connection Solar, grid and facility connected
Battery Type LFP 
Battery Racks 8 racks
Battery Packs 144 LFP Packs
Low Voltage Distribution System Included, Ampowr Low Voltage Distribution System, connects all renewable assets.
Solar 2,700 solar panels
Energy Generated by Solar 1MWp of energy
Solar Inverters 8 Ampowr solar inverters
Inverter Capacity 120kW per inverter (960kW total)
Power Conditioning System (PCS) 500kW
Battery Management System (BMS) Integrated
Energy strategies Net-zero & Peak Shaving
HVAC System Integrated
Automatic Fire Extinguisher Integrated
EMS Ampowr Cosmos™
Energy Monitoring Features Integrated
Energy Management Features Integrated
Remote system controls Integrated
Daily money saved on electricity bills $535,- per day on average

Grocery Store Retailer Telesuper Coop

Telesuper Coop is a Dutch specialist in delivering groceries to businesses, small-scale living, and childcare. Over the past 20 years, Telesuper Coop has grown into a large player in the market with over 300 employees, and they are part of grocery chains Coop and Plus. They deliver groceries throughout all of The Netherlands.

The challenge

Large distribution centers, especially those with cold storage are fully dependent on their supply of energy to power their facility and equipment. There currently is a much larger demand for energy and many businesses feed generated energy back into the grid from their renewable assets (solar, wind, and more). This results in the grid reaching its maximum capacity in many regions, leading to grid congestion, power interruptions, outages, and restrictions for new or expanding businesses. Power interruptions are very damaging and costly for the commercial industry. Simultaneously the energy costs have gotten to an all-time high, significantly increasing monthly energy bills. 

This shift in the energy landscape created a challenge for Telesuper Coop to find a solution to manage their own energy continuity, while also decreasing their carbon footprint. This resulted in a partnership with Ampowr, where Ampowr provided a cost-effective Smart Energy Storage System (AmpiFARM™) that can power their energy needs and is able to connect to solar, grid, and the facility.

Technical feasibility aspect

Before starting this project, Ampowr assessed all the technical aspects to make sure everything was compatible and optimized technically. The task of upgrading a 30-year-old facility to net-zero required extensive and detailed planning together with technical upgrades. This process started by making sure that the large solar installation was in compliance with the building structures, available space, and the regulatory framework. 

Once the solar installation was installed, this had to be connected to our Ampowr solar inverters and the electrical installation had to be updated to make sure it could handle the energy flows. In addition to this, our team also designed a custom low voltage distribution system, which connects all of Telesuper Coop’s renewable assets. This system makes it possible for the generated energy to be connected directly to the facility, grid, and AmpiFARM™ (ESS). After that, Ampowr’s technical team made sure that the location of the energy storage container was appropriate in order to avoid future incompatibilities, and also planned the right foundation to place the system on.

Last but not least, during the installation, we made sure that Telesuper Coop did not experience any energy interruptions or other factors which could interrupt their daily operations.

 “With the high energy requirements and shortages everywhere, there is more need for energy solutions than ever before. I think that having your own energy storage system is the best way to solve these energy problems in a decentralized way. At Telesuper Coop, we feel it is our duty to lead innovative solutions in our sector. We are very innovation-driven and always strive to find cutting-edge technology. This mindset and way of working gives us a lot of energy, which powered our drive to be the first distribution center to install a 1MW+ Energy Storage System (AmpiFARM™).”

Marco Verduijn, Co-founder and director at Telesuper, Coop

Continuity in the supply of energy

Grocery chain Telesuper Coop takes their step toward the energy transition, independence, and security by powering its entire distribution and cold storage center in a sustainable, reliable, and affordable way. They are the first distribution center in The Netherlands that is powered by an Smart Energy Storage System as large as 1.27MWh.

By having an AmpiFARM™ system, Telesuper Coop can manage their overall energy demand (peak shaving) to ensure their cold storage has the needed energy during peaks, reduce operating costs, and independently manage their energy continuity. The BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is fully integrated with solar inverters, a CHP controller, and new coolers. Additionally, the BESS can activate for backup power for the site, in case of emergency.

Additionally, our BESS systems are also expandable to enable your future growth. By having smart energy management, an energy storage system can even become a revenue generation model by allowing energy trading of excess energy.

The energy transition & net-zero

The AmpiFARM™ (Energy Storage System) used by Telesuper Coop provides a glimpse into the future and what the energy transition is all about. Many companies are looking for sustainable, smart solutions for the generation and use of electricity. These solutions are not only financially beneficial but also contribute to the future of our planet by reducing our carbon footprint. Companies want to be independent and guarantee continuity in their operation. With an AmpiFARM™, Telesuper Coop can operate net-zero / energy neutral.

Are you ready to prepare your business for the energy transition?

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