Director of Ampowr, Eric Van Honk, recently signed a deal at the B20/G20 ceremony in Indonesia for 10,000 Telcom sites to replace batteries for existing Telco Tower Systems with Ampowr Crystal Batteries. The project will start in February 2023.

director of ampowr deal at the b20/g20 in indonesia


We are making great strides in Indonesia.

Ampowr Front Terminal Crystal Batteries are military-grade batteries, being much more resilient in extreme environments providing high performance, data monitoring options, and no maintenance needed.

By executing this project Ampowr will become the new preferred supplier for battery technology to all of the major telecom providers in Indonesia.

Ampowr is already present in Indonesia with AmpiDEN (Telcom System) systems which help enhance society by powering Telcom towers.

The system has been designed with full remote operation and longevity in mind. AmpiDEN is IoT-ready and can be remotely managed from anywhere in the world, this means you can check the performance and status, cast the information to central services, perform remote maintenance, and provide new updates without any hands-on site intervention.

As one of the many benefits, our systems are allowing children in remote areas to gain valuable internet access to online educational platforms, and schooling.

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