We are proud to announce our partnership with Energy Storage NL. This partnership with Energy Storage NL is a great opportunity for us to further enhance our contribution to accelerating the global energy transition.

Energy Storage NL stands for the Dutch energy storage industry, being the advocacy group, networker, and knowledge center for the energy storage industry. They connect companies, grid operators, research institutes, and funders, promoting the necessity of energy storage in the energy transition and offering members a platform to promote their products and services.

Energy Storage NL stimulates:

  • sharing news and information about technology, innovation, market developments and (international) projects;
  • exchanging knowledge, contacts and career opportunities;
  • organizing mutual network meetings.

Ampowr adds value by utilizing a professional and committed team to create and run energy storage systems in order to carry out significant local and market optimizations. At Ampowr we work to develop solutions and boost the energy transition, driven from behind-the-meter. Focusing on energy storage systems that directly supply electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We have deep knowledge and high-level expertise in energy transition procedures, energy storage system installations, and small to large-scale projects for any application.

“Our partnership with Energy Storage NL will enhance our foothold in the Dutch market and further position us in the lead of the energy transition. This partnership will help us to further collaborate with key stakeholders in the market, participate in events, and actively shape the energy storage landscape in the Netherlands.”

Pim de Jong, Sales Manager at Ampowr

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