Unlock grid expansion possibilities with Ampowr’s peak shaving solution. By combining a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with COSMOS, we enable you to expand your grid capacity without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and maintain grid stability with Ampowr’s innovative approach.

Objectives of Peak Shaving

  1. Cost Reduction: Reduce peak demand charges and associated electricity costs.
  2. Grid Reliability: Optimize energy consumption during peak periods to alleviate strain on the electrical grid.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Enhance operational efficiency through intelligent energy management.
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Results and Benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Energy peak-shaving optimization strategies resulted in substantial cost savings through reduced peak demand charges and overall electricity cost reductions.
  2. Grid Capacity Optimization: Possibility to directly expand your grid connection, while remaining within the grid regulations.
  3. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: The solution helped the facility advance sustainability goals by minimizing its carbon footprint and demonstrating environmental responsibility.

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