The need for more flexibility, alternative solutions, cost efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector is growing. That is why energy transition from a business but also individual perspective is key. But how can you best master the energy transformation at a high speed and large scale?

We were present at Ecomobiel, October 11th – 13th in Den Bosch. Where visitors could discover energy solutions with many examples to help you realize your energy goals!

Zero Emission | Ecomobiel is one of the largest events in the industry for sustainable energy generation and energy storage. The focus has been especially on the topics of zero-emission solutions.

From our team, it has been three interesting days full of networking and discovering new market opportunities. Visitors could take a closer look at our smart energy storage solutions.

  1. Crystal Batteries, up to 3,500 cycles
  2. AmpiCART, Mobile Power Systems up to 5kWh
  3. AmpiHOME, Residential Energy Storage System up to 20kWh
  4. AmpiTOWER, Commercial Energy Storage System up to 144kWh
  5. Videos of real applications of our large storage systems and other products.


Ampowr can help your business to move towards the energy transition bringing more efficiency from the smart use of natural resources.

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