Ampowr B.V. Group Holding (AMPOWR) today announced that it has been selected to supply six (6) AmpiFARM™ power systems which will provide over 3MW of power in a micro-grid configuration for a new sustainable residential complex in Johannesburg, South Africa. The project has been focused on the design and implementation of the most efficient and sustainable housing solution to suit the South African climate and environment. This project is unique because of the combination of local and European companies who have jointly developed this project in a market that requires millions of new houses to be built to fill the gap between the townships and high cost housing.

“We are privileged to be a part of this high-priority and much needed residential home project, and aligns with our contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”, said Eric van Honk and Andy Elwell, Owners and Directors of Ampowr B.V. Group Holding. “The circumstances for a solar based solution are perfect in this area next to Johannesburg, which benefits from an average of 8 hours of sunlight per day. The South African government has built some 2.7 million low-cost houses over the past 15 years, and there is still an estimated backlog of 2 million more. At an average of six people per family, that leaves some 12 million people in dire need of houses, Ampowr are poised to deliver a significant number of varying systems to the market”.

About Ampowr:
Ampowr B.V., has adopted a people-led culture to drive modern-thinking towards renewable energy storage and turn strategy into behavior, continuously adapting in an ever changing world. The core of Ampowr’s operations is based on four key technologies: Batteries & Chargers, BESS Battery Energy Storage Systems (Mid-Scale Power), ESS Energy Storage Systems (Large-Scale Power) and EMS Energy Management & BMS Battery Management System Steering. All of which have great significance for residential users, commercial and industrial companies and pave the way for future ready systems compatible for “EaaS” Energy-as-a-Service and Energy-Trading.

Ampowr customers are found in various industries such as Telecommunication, Material Handling, Buildings & Infrastructure, Utility, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas.

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