Ampowr is currently working on the execution of a 2MWh energy storage project in Costa Rica, a country that generates more than 98% of its energy from renewable sources. Being present in a country as sustainable as Costa Rica reinforces Ampowr’s business positioning, together with the strategic development in key markets that serve as top references in the renewable energy sector.

Costa Rica is at the top of the list of the countries turning the pledges of the Paris Climate Agreement into solid policies and actions. Costa Rica is currently leading the way by designing and developing a template for a cleaner and carbon-free world. Recently Costa Rica was awarded with the The Earthshot Prize, which aims to incentivize change and help to repair our planet over the next ten years. This prize is the most ambitious and prestigious of its kind, awarding the commitment to mitigate climate change impact.

According to Leo Heileman, the UN Environment Programme’s Regional Director in Latin America and the Caribbean; “Costa Rica has been a pioneer in the protection of peace and nature. With effective policies that involve the state, citizens, scientists, and the private sector, the country will achieve its goals and set an example to the region and the world.”

Looking beyond the policies and actions, if the numbers are analyzed we can find that more than

98 percent of the energy used in Costa Rica was derived from renewable sources. An outstanding indicator to keep boosting it.

Several candidates presented a proposal for the project, however Ampowr was selected to build a customized energy storage solution based on the customer’s specific requirements. A technical assessment was carried out by Ampowr’s team, analyzing the customer’s energy requirements together with the variables of the environment and geographic location. This resulted in a setup of two AmpiFARM’s (smart energy storage systems) of 2MWh. The goal is to ensure continuity in daily operations, reduce energy expenses, and enable the business to operate independently.

Energy storage solutions are one of the leading ways to invest in clean energy and a net-zero future. We will be working on multiple promising energy storage projects together with our partners in Costa Rica. At Ampowr we are keeping up with the pressing need to accelerate the energy transition and add value to society and our planet. We are very excited to have been chosen to develop this project in a country with such a highly regarded climate-combating status as Costa Rica.

Having a reference project in a country like Costa Rica will boost the expansion, presence, and recognition of Ampowr globally, fueling our mission to lead the energy transition.

More news and updates follow soon.

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