In November, the EC proposed an additional pack of emergency regulations for the REPowerEU Plan to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources to assure energy security across the European Union.

The additional measures of the existing REPowerEU Plan have been due to the current situation in 2022 in the energy markets. The three main blocks of the plan are first, diversifying the energy supply base. Second, saving energy, and third, accelerating the energy transition. In this previous article (link), it was explained the aim, and action that every block from the plan includes.

The extra measures implemented in November will be temporary and applicable for just a year. In addition to this, the main focus will be on particular technologies that have a high potential to speed up the transition:

1. Renewable energy plants

“Renewable energy plants would be presumed to be of overriding public interest.[…] permitting procedures to benefit with immediate effect from a simplified assessment for specific derogations foreseen in EU environmental legislation.”

2. Repowering renewable power plants

Repowering existing clean energy plants has significant potential to rapidly increase power generation from all renewable sources. […] Today’s proposal streamlines the permit-granting process applicable to the repowering of renewable energy projects by including all the relevant environmental assessments in the new maximum deadline of six months.

3. Solar energy

“In light of the current electricity price volatility, granting significantly faster permit procedures will accelerate the pace of the installation of solar equipment on artificial structures, such as buildings. […] The Commission is therefore proposing a maximum deadline of one month for the permitting process for solar energy equipment and its co-located storage and grid connections when it is not installed on natural ground.”

4. Heat pumps

” To accelerate the rollout of this technology, the proposal accelerates permit-granting procedures by introducing a three-month maximum deadline and a simplified procedure for grid connection of smaller heat pumps.”

At Ampowr we work to develop solutions and boost the energy transition, driven from behind-the-meter. Focusing on energy storage systems that directly supply electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We have deep knowledge and high-level expertise in energy transition procedures, energy storage system installations, and small to large-scale projects for any application.

In conclusion, the previous measures aim to simplify the permitting procedures for renewable energy projects, reducing the long-term administration deadlines. As a business and individual, we have the responsibility to keep driving together toward a net zero future, meeting the European targets of zero emissions by 2050.

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