Ampowr B.V. Group Holding (AMPOWR) today announced that it has fully qualified and delivered their AmpiDEN™ Off-Grid Battery Energy Storage Power Systems to one of the largest Telecommunications Companies in Indonesia. Following stringent field trial testing by independent third party government groups the system outperformed expectation delivering performance. The system has been designed with full remote operation and longevity in mind. AmpiDEN™ is IoT ready and can be remotely managed from anywhere in the world, this means you can check the health and status of over 600 data points, cast the information to central services, perform remote maintenance and provide new updates without any hands on site intervention. The AmpiBASE™ and AmpowrCOSMOS™ EMS structure is a new Dutch engineered disruptive tech platform that can handle the fleet management of thousands of operational sites seamlessly.

“We are incredibly proud that Ampowr has been selected by the government of Indonesia to provide Off-grid power to their critical telco infrastructure”, said Eric van Honk and Andy Elwell, Owners and Directors of Ampowr B.V. Group Holding. “These systems are supplied to a project that has been accelerated by the Countries Government due to Covid-19. Powering the Telco Towers will allow Children in remote areas to gain valuable internet access to Online Educational Platforms, Schooling and allow them internet access to submit their homework. This is what we work hard for, that feel good factor that we are making a difference in people’s lives and we will continue to support the communities in Indonesia with our other products that contribute to the Diesel Displacement Program”.

About Ampowr:
Ampowr B.V., has adopted a people-led culture to drive modern-thinking towards renewable energy storage and turn strategy into behavior, continuously adapting in an ever changing world. The core of Ampowr’s operations is based on four key technologies: Batteries & Chargers, BESS Battery Energy Storage Systems (Mid-Scale Power), ESS Energy Storage Systems (Large-Scale Power) and EMS Energy Management & BMS Battery Management System Steering. All of which have great significance for residential users, commercial and industrial companies and pave the way for future ready systems compatible for “EaaS” Energy-as-a-Service and Energy-Trading.

Ampowr customers are found in various industries such as Telecommunication, Material Handling, Buildings & Infrastructure, Utility, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas.

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