AmpiTOWERs and CARTs used as alternative power source in AppelPop music festival, displacing diesel generators.

As gas and energy prices continue to rise, the need for cost-effective energy solutions is critical for the events industry. This industry relies on secure and reliable energy which is typically provided either through the grid or the use of Diesel Generators.

Our zero-emissions AmpiTOWERs were selected to help power Appelpop. Our AmpiTOWERs contribute to the energy transition by displacing diesel generators eliminating site CO2 emissions, reducing operating costs while providing festival operators with silent and reliable energy and festival attendees with a more sustainable event. Additionally, our AmpiCARTs replaced small gensets as a mobile power source during the construction of the site. AmpiCART mobility means easy power across the festival terrain. AmpiCARTs were used to test electrical installations, power electrical tools, and even sound systems.

Location Tiel, The Netherlands
Application context 2 day Music Festival
Visitors 120,000
System function Diesel Generator Displacement
Date September 9 & 10, 2022
System AmpiTOWER™, AmpiCART™
Type of System Smart Energy Storage System & Mobile systems
System Capacity Up to 144kWh
System connection Solar, grid and application connected
Battery Type Nano Crystal Batteries™
Power possibilities Light towers, stages, food trucks
EMS Ampowr Cosmos™
Energy Monitoring Features Integrated
Energy Management Features Integrated
Remote system controls Integrated

Appelpop festival, Tiel

Appelpop is a two-day pop festival organized annually in Tiel, in the Dutch province of Gelderland, by Stichting Muziekstad Tiel (SMT). It is the largest free music festival in the Netherlands and takes place in the second week of September on Friday and Saturday on the Waalkade.

The challenge

As the energy transition is rapidly expanding throughout all industries, the event industry faces challenges to keep up. One of the challenges in the event industry is that festivals need a large amount of energy within a short amount of time. Therefore timing and reliability are key elements, while the solutions must be cost-effective. This is why the event industry typically uses diesel generators, emitting high levels of CO2. Sustainability has become a huge topic within the event industry, and the rules around reducing CO2 emissions are changing. Some European cities already have a list of set requirements for events to follow and uphold.

Reliable, safe and silent energy

Music festival Appelpop takes its step into the energy transition by utilizing AmpiTOWER’s and CART’s as energy storage systems to help power festival equipment. By using energy storage systems, Music Festival Appelpop can reduce its overall energy costs by replacing its need for diesel generators and reliance on energy from the grid. Ampowr systems are easy to deploy, connect and expand when needed.

AmpiTOWER benefits: 

  • Safe and reliable energy
  • Diesel generator displacement
  • Reduce CO2 emmissions
  • Easy installation
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Silent and modular

The energy transition & net-zero

The use of energy storage systems in the event industry provide a glimpse into the future and what the energy transition means for this industry. Festivals are in need of sustainable and smart solutions to power their equipment from stages to food trucks. These solutions are not only financially attractive but also contribute to the future of our planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Are you ready to prepare your event for the energy transition?

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